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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  November 23, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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propeller of one of the boats t capsized, dumping five people into the water. the other four friends pulled them all out. >> we were unable to transfer both the people to our boat due to the rough sea conditions out there. it's running a good six to eight feet out there with short wind chop which is very difficult to transfer people. we were able to transfer one emergency medical technician over to their boat. >> reporter: one 60-year-old man didn't survive. two are okay. two others were sent to hospitals. both are in stable condition. >> people come from other areas or maybe not necessarily as intimately familiar with the sea conditions here. and they come, they're dedicated to doing what they come to do. and we lost two sailors last year that were out crabbing. and here we are again at the opening of crab season losing, you know, another person. >> reporter: in fact, coast guard crews have spent all day answering calls from boaters in distress. >> it is a very dangerous place to operate a boat. you really have to be prepared and you have to be prepared to
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turn back. >> reporter: gale-force winds are in the order of 40 miles an hour. as if that weren't enough, the water temperature today, 51 degrees. allen, the coast guard says the boat that capsized did have life jackets on it, but don't know if the people on the boat were wearing them. >> and simon the other calls the coast guard went on all because of wind and rough seas. >> reporter: without a doubt. you can see the wind here is still going strong. hopefully everybody gets back in before sundown. >> thank you. it may still be fall but it's definitely starting to feel and look like winter. people have been bundling up all over the bay area as of the temperatures are dropping and the wind picks up. there are several frost advisories and freeze warnings in effect. and winter weather is dumping snow up in the sierra. zero visibility forced chp to close i-80 for several hours. as much as a foot of snow is expected in tahoe on top of the
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feet they have got already. roberta gonzales has the weather. >> i have an interesting colorful map to share with you coming up after you look at the current temperatures outside right now. menlo park 46 degrees, danville to the east also mid- 40s. san jose 46, larkspur 48. we are looking at wind beginning to diminish which means colder air mass is settling in. look at this. what you need to be concerned with are the areas in pink. that means we have a freeze warning in effect for the northern eastern portion of our district, which means also protect your plants, your pipes and certainly your pet. coldest spotted will be santa rosa 26 degrees. the record there is 24. forecasting upper 20s throughout the livermore area. 41 degrees in san francisco which was the record setback in 1906. we'll talk about another cold night and when you should expect that, as well. that's coming up. allen, later on in the newscast. >> thank you. police are searching for four young women who attacked
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and robbed another group of women at a pleasant hill shopping center. police say the suspects approached the group about 6:30 last night. they asked them to use their cell phone and for some change before knocking them to the ground and stealing their belongings. >> you wouldn't expect anything like that to happen and that people can really do that kind of stuff, you know, it's horrible and scary. >> probably more of a crime of opportunity where the suspects had seen the victims walking down the street, saw them as an easy target. >> police described the suspects as black women in their late teens to early 20s, 5'4" to 5'7" with thin to medium builds. the victims were treated for minor injuries. police checking to see if any local stores have surveillance video that could help identify those suspects. other news making headlines around the bay area, police looking for two teenaged girls who harassed a crossing guard near a bayview elementary school. police say that the students, who appeared to be about 14
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years old, pushed and yelled at the 59-year-old crossing guard while she was on duty. they knocked a sign out of her hands and when she tried to pick it up, they grab it and threw it. the crossing guard wasn't injured. a modesto man who called 911 about his parents ended up being arrested himself. 20-year-old amos morro made the call early monday morning to complain that his parents were threatening to throw him out of the house. when deputies got there morrow was waiting outside. after doing a background check, deputies discovered he was we wanted on three felony warrants including break-ins that dated back to 2008. so they took him into custody. a major breakthrough. bay area scientists say they have a new weapon in the fight against hiv aids. dr. kim mulvihill joins us with details. >> reporter: allen, this weapon is a pill that's already used to treat hiv. turns out this drug may prevent healthy gay men from getting infected in the first place. reporter: the castro district is the heart of the
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bay area's gay community and epicenter of the aids epidemic. in san francisco, one in four men is infected with hiv. what better place, then, to announce a new weapon in the fight against this terror. it's a pill called truvada. >> it has a huge impact on the epidemic. >> reporter: it's made by gilead sciences in foster city. it's a single tablet that combines two antiretroviral medications. the drug is currently used to treat those already infected with hiv. >> we now are finding that the same drugs can help prevent the acquisition of hiv in a very high risk group. >> reporter: in a new study, researchers with ucsf and the gladstone institute found gay men who got a daily dose of truvada cut their risk of hiv infection by 44%. what's more, if they use the drug faithfully, not missing a single day, they cut their risk by 92%. >> this represents an incredible opportunity to provide a new form of prevention for those who really
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have a difficult time, uhm, maintaining safe sex practices. >> reporter: but there are negatives. the drug is expensive, roughly $1,200 a month. if you don't use it every day, it does not work. and while the treatment appears safe, little is known about possible long-term risks. now, some wonder whether taking this pill may only discourage safe sex practices. but the research found those using truvada in a clinical setting with counseling and testing actually changed their behavior and practiced less risky sex. allen? >> kim, i'm wondering, you mentioned it's two antiretrovirals. have those never been combined before or is it the combination of the two? >> reporter: this is a medication these being used right now in various parts of the world to help treat chronic hiv infection and it's the first time it's tested to help prevent infection. >> thank you. it's part of history but is it sending the wrong message? questions over one mural's
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images. >> i'm mike sugerman. fun and games with the muni. well, at least games. what to do while you're waiting for a bus. plus, a new exception to those controversial patdowns. who else gets to skip the scanners. ,, ♪ [ male announcer ] open up a cadillac during our season's best sales event and receive the gift of asphalt. experience the exhilarating cadillac cts with a direct injection v6. it's the one gift you can open up all year long. see your cadillac dealer for this attractive offer. backed by the peace of mind that only comes from cadillac premium care maintenance. the season's best sales event. from cadillac.
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north and south korea is raising worldwide concern about the
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threat of war. north korea bombarded a small island near the border, after warning the south to stop mi in violence between north korea and south korea is raising concerns around the world. the north is saying that the south fired the first shot. the south returned artillery fire scrambled its fighter jets, too. the u.s., which has more than 28,000 troops stationed in south korea, has condemned the attacks. >> one day before what's being called "national opt-out day," a new exception to those controversial airport patdowns and body scans. flight attendants will now be able to board planes without those extra security procedures. last week the tsa said pilots could skip the extra screenings. flight attendants had argued that they should also be exempt and today the tsa agreed. pilots and flight attendants do still have to show a photo id and go through the metal detectors. tomorrow on the busiest travel day of the year, a protest is planned by opponents of the
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heightened security procedures. it's a widely seen as a beautiful piece of art but tonight some people call a well- known fountain in napa offensive. ann notarangelo shows us what critics are so angry about. anne. >> reporter: this is the mosaic and the fountain. it was designed to tell napa's tragedies and its glories. you can see some of the glories. they are looking here at depiction of the napa river. but look up to the far right hand side. there you see the artist's description. his rendering of a burning cross and klansmen. >> i love my mom. >> we're really upset that such a horrible ugly image was on such a beautiful piece of art. >> reporter: as emily watches her children play by the napa mill mosaic and fountain it troubles her to see images depicting two kkk rallies held in the area in the 1930s. it especially bothers her because her youngest daughter was adopted from ethiopia. >> raising a black child in
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napa can at times be difficult so really hateful images like this can be difficult. >> reporter: napa is a white community and bristow says she has african-american friends who are uncomfortable coming here. she believes this art reinforces that perception. >> looking at the mural, it's hard to determine which part of the mural is, uhm, a part of napa history that we're proud of versus part of napa history that, uhm, we're not proud of. >> reporter: the mu sake is a selected visual history of the napa valley shows chinatown burning, a prostitute, steam engine and local harvest. we were unable to contact the artist but when this was first unveiled in 2005, it was reported alan had been given artistic freedom and the point was made that artists pushed society to take an honest look at unpleasant things. we found people who think that's true today. >> if it's part of our napa history and this is about napa, that's kind of how i feel that it's -- it's part of t i'm glad
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it's over in the corner and small and i'm glad i never noticed it before. to me that speaks of its place. >> reporter: diane is the napa mill gardener. >> i was thrilled that he put it in because i think it's part of history that should not ever be ignored. it represents, don't forget, you know, never forget. it has a tendency to repeat itself if there is no one pointing it out. >> reporter: bristow would prefer this art in a museum where it can be put in context. as for the child, children have no use for the past or the future. she was wishing today for a choo-choo train. of course, it's clear what her mother wishes for. >> i just want her to be in a place where she, uhm, feels welcome and she is included. >> reporter: so where does this go from here? even bristow isn't sure. yes she would like these tiles removed but this art is on private property so it's not being discussed. >> ann notarangelo, thank you.
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we have the holidays around the corner friday being such a big shopping day a lot of folks already out there scouring for deals. but you sift through the ads, still hard to know which is the best price. tonight, julie watts in the consumerwatch call center with experts from the country's top shopping website to help out. julie. >> reporter: we have been talking about it all week long. our holiday shopping consumerwatch call-in. call us at 1-888-5-helps-u. wah you're looking for, ipads, designer handbags, we are on hand to find the best deem. karen from ebay. next to heard frugal find julia. we have shop it to me natalie and cnet's molly wood the executive editor. thanks so much for joining us today molly. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: i understand before you came you did a twitter survey and found out what the hottest item was this holiday season. >> i asked people the top tech
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gift if they had to choose and so many, the top two were the kind of 3 ereader, and the microsoft xbox 360 kinect. >> reporter: they are pricey. any good deals ? >> had some amazing deals on the kinect in the last couple days. you can get it with an xbox or with a couple of games. >> reporter: thank you so much. cnet has their own call-in every monday so call them. or call us until 7:00 at 1-888- 5-helps-u and we'll help you find the best deal on whatever you're looking for this holiday season. >> thank you. just in time, before you start on the holiday shopping, which toys you want to stay away from. >> and then, a new way to beat boredom at the bus stop. the competition bringing bay area commuters together. >> well, this is it. this is the getaway wednesday
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forecast. now the weather worry you need to know about before you hit the road. we'll talk about that but first, take a look at the freeze warning in effect for tonight. eyewitness news will continue. we'll be right back. the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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buses. now, something's being done about it. the m-t-a with yahoo to we have all herds complaints about muni buses being laid. now something is being done about it. mta it teaming up with yahoo who eliminate boredom at the busston. mike sugerman will show us why some riders even say who cares the next time the bus is late. reporter: if you can't have fun on muni at least now you can have games. i don't know how to do this exactly. but these are games. so it's a word game. several muni bus shelters are about to be outfitted with what's being called the largest outdoor touch screens in north america.
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72 inches! give you something to do instead of complaining waiting for the bus to come. y... t... i don't know what the heck i'm doing here. yahoo is behind these billboard games which just went in today and are meant primarily for those more adept at videogames. how many hours of videogames do you play a day? >> as much as i can. >> reporter: so you can teach me here. there is a word game, puzzle and other games on the shelter wall that are meant to keep your mind off your wait and bring money to muni. >> in 2008, the board of directors made a policy decision to allow digital advertising. apparently it is an up-and- coming thing in the advertising agency on muni shelters experimentally. >> reporter: yahoo worked through clear channel, which contracts with muni for its bus shelter ad. it's part of an $8 million annual deal for the ads. there does seem to be a generational divide of sorts. >> going to make you want to play this all day. >> reporter: and not get the bus? >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you win?
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it's a weird competition between neighborhoods. you play for yours. points scored go to the neighborhood's total and the neighborhood that wins get a pop concert early next year. let the games begin. mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> well, if you are waiting for the bus or waiting for anybody outside, bundle up because it's downright cold. >> and the thing about it, it's usually not this cold this early in the season. in fact, some of the records that we're going to be flirting with date back to 1894. >> whoo! >> live cbs 5 weather camera looking towards the transamerica building where we have a little bit of mid-level clouds left over from today's cold front. currently in the city of san francisco, it is 49 degrees after a high today of only 54. and that's 8 degrees below average. to the north sausalito clearing out, 48. around the peninsula, in the mid-40s. to the east, 48 in san ramon. santa clara now sporting 47 degrees with these temperatures chilling out. freeze warning in effect for the north and eastern portion of our district. otherwise, everyone is under a
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frost advisory with temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s. be mind of plants, pets and pipes. we have a cold air mass continuing to surge into the bay area. if you are out this evening dress in layers. the temperature is going down very rapidly as the skies clear out. and the winds are now beginning to dial back. cold front passing through the bay area after dumping .12" rain in fremont to .6" in santa cruz and big sur. now with the passage of this cold front, we have the cooler arctic air that's plummetting down in a southerly fashion and that's what's saturating the bay area. so tonight, 26 degrees in santa rosa. and that's off the record of 24 established back in 1931. hey, we could tie a record in san francisco at 41 and that record was setback in 1906. upper 20s tri-valley and mid- 30s santa clara valley. tomorrow's highs not recovering that well at all. after widespread frost in the morning and some areas of black ice you have to be
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mindful for as you get away on wednesday. we have temperatures only upper 40s to right around 53 degrees. thanksgiving fork a hint of fog early and extended forecast calls for that fog for your thanksgiving morning early. it's radiation fog. then mostly sunny skies. we begin to cloud up late on friday. that will lead to a slight chance of rain north bay by midnight. otherwise, i will count on moderate rain showers on saturday. drying out on sunday with full- on sunshine on monday and tuesday. mypix, this was sent to us from los gatos looking south towards san jose. she says, wow, did you see the moon rising in between the clouds? karen, i didn't so thank you for sharing it with me right here at and gang, that is your getaway
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pinpoint forecast. >> call us at 1-888-5-helps-u let our consumerwatch shopping experts find you the best deal on whatever it is you're looking for this holiday season.
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shopping consumer call-in is well underway... julie watts is downstairs with our expert shoppers... julie what are people looking for this year? our holiday shopping consumerwatch well under way. i'm wonder what kind of calls we are getting so far. >> reporter: the run of the mill. a lot of tech questions, ipods, blackberrys. and even an electric oak fireplace. so you name it we're hearing it
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down here and our experts are helping folks find some games. in fact, here's a few dealings for our viewers at home. if you are looking for a great deal on a toaster, sandwich maker, or even a mixer, target has them for 3 bucks this black friday. and for the fashionista on your list how about a 50% off mark jacob bella bag? that's at unanimous vote from all our experts, $225 for the 8- gigabyte ipod touch. if you buy it at wal-mart you get a $50 gift card. we have experts here from various places including ebay. i'm here with their style and fashion expert. you have a lot of great black friday deals that are straight from manufacturers? >> absolutely. we have ugg boots up to 40% off msrp. you're getting a great deal. they are still on style. you have to get them on black friday. >> reporter: something about group giving? >> if you want a big gift for your family, pool with your friends. you can do an ebay group gift.
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just get that money together, gather it on paypal, tell your friends on facebook and twitter and you don't have to pay it all yourself. >> reporter: who knew. a great way for all the siblings to get together. thank you, karen, from our phone lines are open until 7 p.m. and our experts are standing by to answer all your shopping questions. 1-888-5-helps-u. call us until 7 p.m. >> phone call and advice are free? >> reporter: absolutely. >> take advantage of that. we do have a warning for parents as you shop for your kids or grandkids toys or holiday gifts. the california public interest research group today released a list of toys that could pose a threat to children. among the worst a disney's construction toy set with small pieces that are a choking hazard. a children's book andorra the explorer backpack with toxic chemicals. >> i have a 3-year-old. she puts everything in her mouth. i need to know that there is no
5:27 pm
led, small parts that are going to be swallowed. i just need to make sure that what i'm spending my money on is safe more my kids. >> to see the list of dangerous toys go to our website, and click on "links and numbers." as millions prepare to fly, there is now a new exception to those controversial patdowns. you could be exempt? we'll tell you who is. so that story and more tonight only on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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news at 6. "..its pretty much legal heroin." i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> that's pretty much legal heroin. >> and there's pretty much an open-air market for the stuff. what our cameras found when we hit the streets and why so many people who get arrested do not get charged. and we absolutely positively guarantee that you're going to hear the following at some point in the next 48 hours. turkey makes you sleepy, doesn't it? hm. we'll have that and more at 6:00.


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